Saturday, October 31, 2015

Open Book

I have this problem with my mouth.
it talks.
a lot
and it shares
a lot
sometimes way more than it should.
sometimes without thinking first.
ok....mostly without thinking first.

I've always been very open with people.
If they ask me something, I tell.
I don't have a filter for things I might need to keep to myself. I've never been good at that.
So when you ask me advice, or a question, I tend to tell you exactly what I think

and I got asked about my divorce
and I shared
personal feelings
the way I remembered things

and now it's been printed
and it's kinda weird
seeing it all like that
all these years later
reading it from a different perspective

Do I regret sharing? Not at all.
I hope it can help someone.
I'm not really sure how it could help someone, but maybe it will.

The author of the interview did a great job.
It's just weird seeing what I told her months ago in print now and reliving those memories.
I'm not great with techy stuff like hyperlinking, but you can find it here.